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Laser Certification Courses

Comprehensive (100 hours) Fulfills requirement for Washington Esthetic Law Grandfathering Candidate 

          Tuition: $5900



We offer a variety of scheduling options.  Classes filling fast. Call now to reserve your space 855-755-1064

  • Monday-Friday 8-5PM (2 1/2 weeks)
  • Sunday-Monday 8-7PM (5 weekends)

The comprehensive course is specifically designed to fulfill the new Washington State Esthetic Law. Upon successful completion of the comprehensive program the licensed esthetician holding a Washington State esthetic license will obtain necessary certification of completion for the application for the Washington State Master Esthetician License through the grandfathering phase. A licensed esthetician who is planning to operate cosmetic lasers under direct supervision of a physician or other defined medical professional as per Washington State Law must now be compliant. The licensed esthetician upon course completion will have the didactic and clinical knowledge of the following laser treatments:

  • IPL
  • Hair removal for all 6 skin types 
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Pigment removal
  • Spider vein treatment
  • Acne scar reduction
  • Active cystic acne treatment
  • Toenail fungus treatment
  • Tattoo removal
  • CO2 Fractional
  • Skin tightening
  • Laser Lipolysis


The licensed esthetician in order to fulfill the grandfathering phase of the new law will also demonstrate clinical and didactic proficiency in medium depth chemical peels  as well as the above mentioned laser modalities. Dictated by the new Washington State Esthetic Law, our program far exceeds the minimum requirement. 

All successful graduates from this program will receive certification  for the Master Esthetician License through the grandfathering phase of the new Washington State Esthetic law.


Classes expanded- space is now available for the following classes

Dates for Monday- Friday

Dec 1-17 (1 Space Available)

Dates for Tues-Sat

Nov 4-20 (3 Spaces Remaining)

Dates for Sun/Mon

Nov 2- Dec 7 (off Nov 30) (Full) Wait List Available)


Washington Laser Institute Official 450 Hour Master Esthetician Training Program

Washington Laser  Institute is an official Department of Licensing post secondary training program for cosmetic laser and advanced esthetics. Washington Laser Institute is certified  licensed and bonded for a full 450 hour program which incorporates hands on and didactic learning. Upon successful  completion the esthetician will be eligible to sit for the Master Esthetic  practical and written portion of the Washington Esthetic License. The Washington Laser Institute has over 14 class 4 medical laser and medical light modalities as well as a complete armamentarium of  advanced esthetic equipment. The esthetician will experience over 11 weeks of  actual clinical laser and advanced esthetic procedures under the direct supervision of licensed esthetic instructors and physicians(MD). 


Grandfathering Ends December 31st  2014

Washington State law is such that the grandfathering phase of the new esthetic law will end December 31st 2014. Starting January 2015 any esthetician holding a basic esthetic license in the State of Washington that chooses to operate cosmetic lasers under the appropriate supervision as dictated by law or wishes to perform medium depth chemical peels will need to advance their education to the Master Esthetic License which will require an additional 450 hours in an approved  Washington State Department of Licensing School such as Washington Laser Institute. 


Washington Laser Institute Pre-Registering  for Master Esthetic Training

Washington Laser Institute has expanded the curriculum to accommodate the new 450 additional hour requirement and has received state approval. Washington Laser Institute is now pre registering for the March 9th class. Please call for details 855-755-1064.


Washington Laser Institute Official  DOL Off site Externship

Many students have inquired about Washington Laser Institute’s acceptance of  candidates for the advanced off site externship program. We are also an approved site for externship for any program that offers an off site opportunity to the students in order to obtain state of the art excellent advanced esthetic training in a clinical setting. Students who seek this option must request the externship at Washington Laser Institute. Once your institution verifies that Washington Laser Institute holds a valid externship license (salon license) and you express your desire to fulfill your off site requirements at Washington Laser Institute please notify us and we will arrange your schedule. If your institution has any questions regarding our program please have them contact us at 855-755-1064.  


Medium Depth Chemical Peel Course (7 hours)

  • Call for Schedule 855-755-1064

This one day course is designed for licensed estheticians who are wanting to gain didactic and clinical proficiency in medium depth chemical peels. This is a hands on course taught by a physician and our educators at Washington laser Institute.

QUALIFICATIONS: Must have a current WA esthetics license.

WHAT YOU WILL GET: Certification in medium depth chemical peel (Physician grade taught by physician). This couse qualifys for the Grandfathering DOL medium depth requirement. 

Weekend Warrior Marketing Course (15 hours)

  • Saturday-Sunday 9AM-5PM

Many estheticians are paid either by comission or salery plus comission. Want to learn how to boost your production?

The marketing course at Washington Laser Institute is a comprehensive power house of marketing pearls designed for the doctor and the entire office team. Offered conveniently on a weekend, you will not interrupt your busy day. This course involves team interaction as well as didactics with an emphasis on internal marketing and upselling, proper use of Social Media, proper website selection, and how to profit utilizing Groupon advertising platforms. This course does NOT qualify for the Washington State Esthetic Law Requirement for the Master Esthetician License. This course is very popular. Call today to reserve a weekend that works for you and your staff 855-755-1064.

Neuromodulators and Dermal Fillers for Beginners

          .   Evenings and Weekends 4hours

This beginner course will teach the esthetician  facial anatomy and how it relates to neurotoxins and dermal fillers. Learn how to ascess the patient for facial aesthetics and balance. Learn how to decide what toxin or filler will best enhance your patient. Understand how neurotoxins and fillers work and the diffence between the vast options of products. A live demonstration will take place by the physician. Group interaction will be encouraged. 

This course is designed for the esthetician or esthetician student. 

At the completion of this course the student will recieve a certificate of attendence from the Washington Laser Institute 

Call today to reserve a weekend or evening that works for you 855-755-1064.

 Advanced Neuromodulators and Dermal filler Training

. Weekends 8 hours 

This advanced course will train the licensed physician, PA, CRNP, or BSN on facial anatomy, pharmacology of neurotoxins and physiology of dermal fillers as it relates to the cosmetic patient. All participants will learn patient evaluation, facial balance proper selection of the right neuomodulator and dermal filler for the patient.  Each participant will perform advanced injection techniques. This course is an intense hands on training. All products will be supplied by Washington Laser Institute. All participants must have proof of a valid Washington State license (MD, PA, BSN, CRNP). Class taught by a physician.

Call today to reserve a weekend that works for you 855-755-1064

Micro-Needling and the Vampire Facelift

Weekends 8 hours

This cutting edge technology is now an offered class at the Washington Laser Institute! if you are a licensed esthetician, physician , BSN,  PA, or CNRP you have the ability to learn how this amazing collagen induction therapy can open multiple options to your skin of color patients. Micro-needling and the Vampire Facelift is an excellent non laser alternative to improve skin texture, pigmentation and wrinkles.

Dermaplaning partners with Skinceuticals

Saturday 8 hours (See Classes page)

Want to learn dermaplaning the right way and become double certified through Washington Laser Institute and Skinceuticals? We are now a certified training facility for Dermaplaning through Skinceuticals.  Do not let it fool you, dermaplaning if performed incorrectly can injure a patient.  Learn from the best at Washington Laser Institute and increase your revenues. This 8 hour course comes with a dermaplaning kit. Lots of hands on too. By the end of the hands on training you will be well rounded in dermaplaning. 

Call today to reserve your place in class 855-755-1064


Micro-Needling Class 


When: Saturday October 18, 2014 9AM -5PM

Where: Washington Laser Institute


* Medical Grade Micro-Needling Pen ($2,900 VALUE!!!!!!)

* Washington Laser Institute Certification in Micro-Needling

Join Dr. Sabbagh and the staff for a hands on training on Collagen Induction 

Therapy. Your days of learning on YouTube are over! 

Understand this latest technology and how you can team up with the body’s 

reparative phase to take your client to the next level.

This class includes didactics and theory by Dr. Sabbagh followed by hands on 

training by the Washington Laser Institute Education Team.

Micro-Needling performed the right way will have your clients amazed at their 

new glow.

Price: $999 Washington Laser Institute graduates and registrants

 $1900 Non-Washington Laser Institute students

Class includes a full medical grade Micro-Needling kit (A $2,900 value)!!!! 

Space is limited 

First come first served

Place you non-refundable $500 deposit. 

http://www.washingtonlaserinstitute.com/registration & select

Micro-Needling Course Deposit $500.00 you can call the 

office at 855-755-1064 as well.








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