Certified Advanced Esthetician

New Oregon Esthetic Law

Congratulations on the State of Oregon’s new Board of Certified Advanced Estheticians. https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2015R1/Measures/Overview/HB2642  Oregon established  gold standard requirements which will strive to protect the general public and provide structure for the future of advanced esthetic education. The Master Esthetician program at Washington Laser Institute is nationally recognized as the premier advanced esthetic training center and a fully licensed and bonded Washington State Department of Licensing School. We excel in the preparation of students to become a viable part of the evolving advanced esthetic industry. 

Certified Advanced Esthetician Program

Our program is the only premier advanced esthetic training center in the Pacific Northwest with over 30 laser, light and energy devices along with advanced medical esthetic treatment modalities. Advanced Esthetician licensure under the recently revised Oregon State Law is still being finalized by DOH. Our program is awaiting the details of resiprosity by DOH. Our program  is taught by Licensed Physicians and Dual Oregon and Washington licensed and Double-Boarded Master Esthetic Instructors. All theory is taught by a cosmetic surgeon with multiple state licenses and many years of clinical and teaching experience in the medical esthetic industry.  Please note we are awaiting finalization of Oregon DOH regulations regarding out of state training programs.

Flexible Classes for Oregon Students

Oregonians wishing to fulfill the  Oregon requirements at Washington Laser Institute will be offered fexible commutrer scheduling.. We will  provide didactics for the specific curriulum requirements for the new Oregon Certified Advanced Esthetician License. Clinical and didactic blocks will be available Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm. Hands on clinical blocks may be customized to accomodate your busy schedule and at your own pace! Let Washington Laser Institute help you customize a commuter schedule while gaining gold standard training in our exceptional program. Our program is taught and supervised by Physicians and Dual Licensed Master Esthetic Instructors who have many years of teaching and clinical experience in laser and medical cosmetic light based energy and advanced esthetic treatments. We will help to prepare you for the required examination: Final details are pending. Check back often and let us help you fulfill your educational needs!


  • Commuter schedule with customized clinical blocks
  • Books
  • Uniforms
  • Surgical grade micro needling kit
  • Intense preparation for the required written examination
  • Abundance of real patients

       * Discounted lodging rates available exclusively to our students. 


Call now 855-755-1064  or contact us at info@washingtonlaserinstitute.com to reserve your place in our program. Call and arrange a tour. Space is limited once DOH makes their decision! We highly recommend you call Oregon DOH for further changes in your liscensure requirements. Your voice is needed. Laws are being made that will effect your future!



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