Master Esthetician

Washington Laser Institute Official 450 Hour Master Esthetician Training Program

Washington Laser Institute is an official Department of Licensing post secondary training program for cosmetic laser and advanced esthetics. Washington Laser Institute is certified licensed and bonded for a full 450 hour program which incorporates hands on and didactic learning. Upon successful  completion, the esthetician will be eligible to sit for the Master Esthetician  Practical and Written portion of the Washington  State Master Esthetician License. The Washington Laser Institute has over 30 medical laser and medical light modalities as well as a complete armamentarium of  advanced esthetic equipment. The esthetician will experience over 11 weeks of  actual clinical laser and advanced esthetic procedures under the direct supervision of licensed  master esthetic instructors and physicians (MD). 


Grandfathering Ended December 31st  2014 What happens Next?

 FACT: Washington State law is such that the grandfathering phase of the new esthetic law ended December 31st 2014.

FACT: January 2015 was the activation of the full 450 hour advanced master esthetician license.  Any esthetician holding a basic esthetic license in the State of Washington that chooses to operate cosmetic lasers under the appropriate supervision as dictated by law or wishes to perform medium depth chemical peels will need to advance their education to the Master Esthetician  License which will require an additional 450 hours in an approved Washington State Department of Licensing School such as Washington Laser Institute. 

FACT:  If you are presently working for a doctor and running lasers or performing medium depth peels and do not have a Master Esthetician License you are NON COMPLIANT

FACT:  If you have been working in a medspa for a doctor and have not been properly signed off for your master Esthetician during the  Grandfathering you MUST obtain an additional 450 hours of training and take the NIC  ADMINISTERED WRITTEN AND PRACTICAL MASTER ESTHETICAN EXAMINATION OTHERWISE YOU WILL BE NON COMPLIANT AND PRACTICING WITHOUT A LICENSE.


Washington Laser Institute Pre-Registering  for Master Esthetician Training Program  and the Oregon Certified Advanced Esthetician  Training NOW

Washington Laser Institute has expanded the curriculum to accommodate the new 450 additional hour requirement and has received state approval.  Please call for details 855-755-1064.

 New Oregon Certified Advanced Esthetican License (208 hours)

Oregon estheticans are welcome to attend our course for the new Oregon Certified Advanced Laser Esthetician LIcense. Our class fulfills the 208 hour program requirements as dictated by the new Oregon law starting July 2016. Call for details. 


Washington Laser Institute Official  DOL Off site Externship (Salon Shop)

Many students from Clover park Technical College have inquired about Washington Laser Institute’s acceptance of candidates for the advanced off site  Master Esthetician Externship program. We are  an approved site for externship for any program that offers an off site opportunity to the students in order to obtain state of the art excellent advanced esthetic training in a clinical setting. Students who seek this option must request the externship at Washington Laser Institute from their school.  Once your institution verifies that Washington Laser Institute holds a valid externship license (salon shop license) and you express your desire to fulfill your off site requirements at Washington Laser Institute please notify us and we will arrange your schedule. If your institution such as Clover Park Technical College has any questions regarding our externship program please have them contact us at 855-755-1064.  

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