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Thank you for your interest in our clinical educational program!

Sign up to be a client for our advanced laser training. Washington Laser Institute students have already completed their basic esthetician hours and are always under the direct supervision of our physicians and licensed instructors. This is a perfect opportunity to receive any advanced esthetic treatment, such as laser hair removal, tattoo removal, skin tightening, cellulite reduction, pigment removal, spider vein treatment, and much much more. We are the all encompasing comprehensive laser training center in the region.Our unique platform gives you an oportunity to enjoy clinical treatmetns at a fraction of typical retail pricing.  A physician will always be on site to make sure you receive safe and effective treatment by our students.  Simply fill out our sign up sheet below and we will be in touch with you.

Our students rely on you to be present for your scheduled appointment. When you do not show up, our students are left without without the ability to build on their master esthetic skills.
Please be patient and prompt!

If you have any of the following your treatment may be rescheduled, or unable to be performed:

  1. Keloids
  2. Cold sores (must take a prescription pill such as Valtrex/Acycovir before treatment)
  3. Use of accutane in the last six months
  4. Certain blood thinners
  5. Certain medications
  6. Certain illnesses
  7. Tan or recent unprotected sun exposure
  8. Rash or broken skin in the treatment area

Any questions, please contact our patient coordinators at: 855-755-1064


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Laser Hair Removal

Price based off size of treatment zone.

Physician Services

*All pricing discussed after complimentary physician consultation.

Hours available for treatment scheduling:

Appointments are available between 8am-4pm Monday through Friday. Please specify your time preference.

Client Patient Testimonials

Everyone here is wonderful and makes me feel at home when I walk through the door. I am confident that I am receiving the best quality care and there is great attention to detail. The students are very professional and the instructors address all of my concerns. I am very happy with my treatments.


Fabulous!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this place! I can already see a difference in the body recontouring! Thank you ladies for making us feel so, so much better about ourselves!


I am beyond satisfied with the series I received as a client at Washington Laser Institute. The students were very professional and knowledgable. Everyone made me feel comfortable and  and confident in allowing them to complete hair removal from my face. As an African American woman we are usually hesitant in receiving laser hair removal due to the many horror stories. Well the results are amazing. When you are in the care of Dr. Sabbagh and her amazing staff you will not think twice about having treatment! I can t wait to return for my other treatments!


I always get wonderful results and am always treated like a queen! The ladies are so much fun! Highly recommended! Best pricing anywhere for gold standard treatments!


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